Frequently Asked Questions


If your question isn't below, please email Pam or Amanda as they are always happy to assist.

Statement of Administration Fees

How do I read the Statement of Administration Fees?

NEW members are listed first, then any TERMINATING members, then the monthly listing alphabetically. Sample

Ordering supplies/

How do we order brochures for our chamber?

These are customized with the local advisor's info and provided at no cost. Order form

How do we order an ad?


We will need the following info:

  1. Exact size in inches or pixels (height and width)

  2. Full colour or black/white

  3. Does the ad need a bleed

  4. What format do you need (PDF, jpeg, gif, tif, eps, other?)

  5. Deadline

Local advisors

Our chamber has another agency interested in selling Chambers Plan, how are your advisors chosen?


I have another insurance provider wanting to set up a similar program, what do I say?


GST and
Chambers Plan

Is GST included in the admin fee we receive?

No. These fees are part of the overall commission structure shared by the advisors and are paid for "arranging an exempt insurance policy" and therefore the admin fees themselves are exempt.

NOTE: With the Monthly Membership Dues Program, GST is included in the monthly membership dues we collect on your behalf.

Local chamber

What is our chambers responsibility to Chambers Plan?

Your chamber should invest at least 10% of the total admin fee you receive back into the program - click here for suggestions on in-kind ways to invest.

What do I need to know about Chambers Plan?

  1. Guaranteed coverage options for eligible firms including 1-2 life firms, farms and home-based businesses;

  2. Pooled benefits (for 1-9 life firms), no firm singled out for a rate increase;

  3. Coverage available for 1 person firms, farms/ranches and home-based business;

  4. Comprehensive options including Dental, Prescription Drugs, Disability, Critical Illness and much more; and,

  5. Tailor-made plans to suit your members’ needs and budgets.

Website banners
and links

We want to put a Chambers Plan banner on our website, can you provide this?

Absolutely! We appreciate the support!



Do you have a template for a policy for employees who go on disability?

Guidelines and info

Do you have a template to get the pertinent information to forward a lead to Chambers Plan?

Answer and sample


We love feedback from chambers on how we can improve and enhance our support.

How can we most effectively assist you with marketing Chambers Plan in terms of being most effective for you with the resources available (people, time and energy)?

If you have any innovative and creative ways to promote Chambers Plan please share so we can share and assist other chambers.